I carry on a tradition of creating and love the enjoyment of creating beautiful useful items.......

Welcome to Warm and Cozy Quilts.

As a child growing up, I was fortunate to have a mother and extended family who lovingly embraced the art of handmade heirlooms and keepsakes. My mother taught me the art of sewing at a very early age and throughout my adult life I have enjoyed creating items for my family, friends and home.

Originally I began my working career as a professional Florist. I worked in the trade for 16 years and learned the art of floral design, and have had the opportunity to network with some of the most talented floral designers. To this day, I am still drawn to beautiful textures and color, and how those elements can be applied and displayed throughout my life and within my home.

Now that my family is grown I have turned my energies back into creating with a focus on quilting. The time I spend in the studio is both rewarding and relaxing. I have found that my roots are that of a very traditional quilter, yet I create my quilts and other creations with the most current of available fabric designs, prints and colors, so that they become timeless. The pattern chosen for a creation are just a important as the fabric, and the two must complement each other. I enjoy researching the patterns, choosing the colors and the fabrics and I enjoy the time spent in creating the actual piece, large or small. I have a firm rule about my quilts when I give them as a gift; they are to be loved and treasured, but they are always to be used, never to be stored away.

I carry on a tradition that started so many years ago with my great grand parents, my grandparents and then onto my mother. I feel that I have a wonderful gift instilled in me from them; the love the creating.

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